The Destroyer

by Collin Whitlock

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released August 25, 2012

Collin Whitlock

Recorded at The Warren and The Experimentorium .

Produced and engineered by Collin Whitlock and Travis Atria
Remastered by Travis Atria and Chris Chaires

Travis Atria: backing vocals, horns, bass guitar on "Fight!"
Sam Moss: backing vocals
Cassandra Polcaro: backing vocals

Special thanks to Jess Lazarchik, Chris Chaires, Chris Hillman, C. Scott Kauffmann, Annie Neimand, Took Rockne, my friends and family.



all rights reserved


Dark Horse Gainesville, Florida

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Track Name: Fun In London
I took the fun out of London
invited her inside
I held onto that woman like she was mine.
I learned to curse like a citizen
She got me hypnotized
I changed my religion to fit my crimes.
But I'm still alive
with nothing to lose
I took the fun out of London
I got me and you.
That and a lottery ticket.
Track Name: Gravity
Gravity has kept me down too long.
I try to get my feet off the ground
but it's the strangest thing
I can't cut the strings
I'm tied down to the man I'm supposed to be.
My life never looked so good
than when I fly higher than I should.
But in the sky to my mind
it's getting harder to find any shred of truth
forget the lies from the world of what I can't do.
I need a little time to get my life in order.
Find me some peace of mind
and move across the border.
I fall down on my knees and pray that I'm free.
I never cry anymore because I'm lost in dreams.
I fear the end of the world has caught me while I sleep.
Track Name: Bag of Bones
I came here to be alone,
turned off the telephone,
at four in the morning I lay down this bag of bones.
Stare at the ceiling
I get the feeling
there's no more life in this home
since you moved away.

I've been away and now I come home
to a rainy parade on a dead end road.

You took the furniture
you took the lights
you took the medicine that helps me sleep at night.
you left the mirror and the guest room sheets
the only interior is me
and the wallpaper.

I need a home so I think I might
lay here alone awake at night
with thoughts of my own
like a bright night light
leading me home
to forget this life.
Track Name: Congrats
Congratulations, heard it's a girl
the reincarnation of a dead lover's world.
Who does she look like?
What is her name?
How does it feel to know you're to blame?
Why can't I see her?
Why don't you call?
I want to meet her
I want it all.

I won't give up the fight.
She is all I've got.

One day she'll find me in a newspaper ad:
"American Ex-Pat Suomi Dad
seeking the daughter he never had."

You'll break both our hearts.
You'll keep us both apart.

American ex-pat Suomi dad
wants the life he never had.

[Because of what you have done,
for one priceless moment
in the history of man
all the people on this Earth
are truly one.
This has to be the proudest day of our lives.
Because of what you have done,
(Here men from the planet Earth first stepped foot upon the Moon)
the heavens have become a part of man's world.
(He came in peace for all mankind)
And as you talk to us from the Sea of Tranquility
(One giant leap for mankind)
you inspire us to bring peace and tranquility to Earth.]
Track Name: Fight!
Don't let the nightmare get a grip on you.
Open your eyes.
Starve the darkness that's been eating you.
Shine a light on where it's leading you
and I can take you home.

All the while you've been ignoring hope
it's kept you alive.
When you're ready for another dose,
just when you think that you need it most
I can take you home.

Don't stop to think about it
don't wait to take the weight off your good days.
Don't stop to think about it
you don't want to wait til it's too late
cause we've got plenty more good days.
Let's take you home.

I need you.
Hold on tight.

Don't stop to think about it
don't wait to take the weight off your good days.
Don't stop to think about it
you know you can always count on me.
Don't stop to think about it,
we'll get past this passing phase.
We've got plenty more good days
so lets' take you home.

I need you.
Hold on tight!